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Express 27 Photos

2004 Nationals-Still More Pics

wide view slide show

Ray Lotto & El Raton MOxie Exocet Exocet Attitude Adjustment New Wave Swamp Donkey Strega Regatta PRO RC Great White Great White Attack from Mars, Attitude Adjustment Start1 start2 Start3 start6 start7 start8 Attitude Adjustment s9 Attitude Adjustment s10 attitude adjustment s11 Attitude Adjustment s12 New Wave S13 Archimedes, Elise Attitude & Irene Baffet Distance Race3--Baffet planing D4--Attitude leads with picture perfect downwind trim Distance Race5--Baffett in 3rd place Long Distance6--Baffett with perfect spinnaker & main trim LD7--Attack from Mars LD9-Dianne LD10--Moxie & El Raton LD11-Magic Bus LD12--Magic Bush 7th place finisher in long distance race LD 13--Moxie LD14--Magic Bus & El Raton LD16--Bus & Rat LD17--Swamp Donkey LD18--Swamp Donkey LD18--Moxie & Bus LD19--Radio Flyer LD20-Strega LD21-Freaks LD21--Wile E. Coyote LD22--Great White LD23--the leaders-Attitude & Irene LD24--the winner--Attitude Adjustment approaching the RYC harbor finish LD25--Attitude in the lead LD26--Attitude at the corner LD26--Irene, seconds behind at the turn into the harbor Ld27-Irene chases Attitude into the RYC harbor finish LD28--Attitude & Irene at the finish in RYC harbor LD29--Baffett finishes 3rd 1minute + behind the leaders LD29--Attack from Mars, 4th place, hot on Baffett's tail LD29--Leaders at finish LD30 Attitude & Irene LD31--Freaks 5th at the turn about to move up to 4th in the flukey harbor winds LD32--Freaks making a move on Attack from Mars LD32--Magic Bus & New Wave approach turn at the harbor LD33--Magic bus at the turn LD33--New Wave attacking Bus & Attack from Mars LD35 LD37 Chimo & Moxie at the turn LD37 LD37 LD40 LD40 LD42 LD42 Dianne & Peaches LD43 LD44 Elise Exocet Wile E. Coyote, Radio Flyer Mirage Elise Mirage & Radio Flyer Exocet Broach1 Broach2 B3 B4 B4 B6 B7 Mirage Strega Radio Flyer Magic Bus Shennanigans Wile E. Coyote Archimedes Shennanigans Swamp Donkey El Raton Swamp Donkey Dianne, Freaks on a Leash, Peaches Spinnakers Action at bottom mark Radio Flyer, Magic Bus, Strega, New Wave Magic Bus New Wave Magic Bus New Wave & Magic Bus Peaches Bus Mirage, Radio Flyer, Elise Mirage, Radio Flyer, Archimedes Mirage, Radio Flyer, Elise, Archimedes Mirage, Radio Flyer, Elise, Archimedes Start Sequence 1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S8 Moxie Motorcycle Irene Swamp Donkey Swamp Donkey Bobs Strega Attitude Adjustment Attitude Adjustment Attitude Adjustment Attitude Adjustment Moxie Moxie Exocet exocet attitude adjustment attitude adjustment exocet radio flyer dianne Archimedes wile e coyote Xena attitude attack from mars attack from mars ??? ??? Magic Bus magic bus magic bus magic bus magic bus magic bus Shennanigans Mirage Shennanigans mirage wile e coyote RegattaPro RC magic bus magic bus Irene & attitude attitude attitude baffett magic bus new wave Donkey Peaches new wave ??? Start-Race 6 Start race 6 Start race 6 Attitude Adjustment Magic Bus, Motorcycle Irene, Bob's wile e coyote Magic Bus with El Raton crew Exocet--major damage sustained in direct hit in race 8 Liga Hoy accepting 1st place trophy from PRO Jeff Zarwell Liga Hoy and diminutive crew Deb Hong with RegattaPro Jeff Zarwell Liga Hoy, Deb Hong and helmsman Jeff Thorpe Wedding bells in the offing Hannah Sellers, new Swamp Donkey crew, with proud papa Scott New Moxie crew Gabrielle with proud father, Josh Grass.