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Berkeley Midwinter #4
Berkeley Yacht Club
February 13
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Three Bridge Fiasco
Singlehanded Sailing Society
January 31
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This has been an incredible summer sailing season for the fleet. We have had great turnouts all year and some very tight racing. We have won the biggest PHRF regattas on the bay and placed well off shore. This is undoubtedly the best one design fleet in the bay!

2015 National Champion - Nick Gibbens (Shenanigans)
2015 Championship Season - Will Paxton (Motorcycle Irene)
2015 Long Distance Series (Deeds Trophy) - Ray Lotto (El Raton)

The Fleet will be sailing the Berkeley Midwinters, Starting Nov 14/15

2015 Congratulations Winners

• 3 Bridge Fiasco - Shenanigans (Nick & Connor Gibbens) 1st Overall
• Spring One Design - Motorcycle Irene (Will Paxton)
• DH Farallones - Ergo (Chris Gage & Steve Myers) 9th Overall
• Crewed Lightship - El Raton (Ray Lotto) 2nd Overall
• DH Corinthian - Shenanigans (Nick & Connor Gibbens) 1st Overall
• Resin Regatta - Motorcycle Irene (Will Paxton)
• The Great Vallejo Race - Tequila Mockingbird (Mathieu Krogstad)
• Elite Keel - Motorcycle Irene (Will Paxton)
• 25th Annual Delta Ditch - Motorcycle Irene (Will Paxton) 16th overall
• PICYA Lipton Series of the Century - Motorcycle Irene (Will Paxton)
• Corinthian One Design Invitational - Get Happy (Brendan Busch)
• Second Half Opener - Get Happy (Brendan Busch)
• Second Half Closer Day 1 - Peaches (John Rivlin)
• Nationals Long Distance Race - Dianne (Steve Katzman)
• National Champion - Shenanigans (Nick Gibbens)
• Great Pumpkin Regatta (Sat) - Get Happy (Brendan Busch)
• Great Pumpkin Regatta (Sun) - Fired Up! (John Morrison)21st Overall

WARNING - SF Sailors Give the Southampton Shoal platform a wide berth!

The Southampton Shoal platform is disintegrating. Some of the pilings have fallen over and stick out about 50 feet from the platform, except at low tide, the broken pilings are submerged. RYC has even decided to divert their beer can races away from the platform. Please be aware of the dangers.

File Photo: 2003 Express 27 Nationals

Swamp Donkey going downwind
Swamp Donkey going downwind
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