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Lipton Cup
July 9
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SFYC June Invitational
San Francisco Yacht Club
June 18 - 19
(8 boats, 5 races)

Next SF Championship Series Event: CYC One Design Invitational @ Corinthian Yacht Club (July 23 - 24)
Next SF Long Distance Series Event: Second Half Opener @ YRA (July 30 - 31)

The 2016 Sailing Season is in full swing. Brendan Busch's Get Happy!! is leading in the Championship Series after winning both the Elite Keel and the Resin Regattas. Ron and Oliver Kell's Abigail Morgan remain in the lead for the Long Distance Series with wins at the Round the Rocks Race and The Great Vallejo Race.

Put the 2016 Nationals on your calendar October 14-16 at Berkeley Yacht Club. It is shaping up to be truly great event.

• 3 Bridge Fiasco - Peaches (John & Michael Rivlin) 1st in class
• Spring One Design - El Raton (Ray Lotto)
• SSS Corinthian Race - Motorcycle Irene (Will Paxton) 1st Overall
• DH Farallones - El Raton (Ray Lotto)9th Overall
• Resin Regatta - Get Happy!! (Brendan Busch)
• Round the Rocks - Abigail Morgan (Oliver Kell) 4th Overall
• The Great Vallejo Race - Abigail Morgan (Oliver Kell)
• Elite Keel - Get Happy!! (Brendan Busch)
• Delta Ditch - Motorcycle Irene (Will Paxton) 2nd Overall
• SFYC June Invitational - Motorcycle Irene (Will Paxton)

2015 Champions

• National Champion - Nick Gibbens (Shenanigans)
• Championship Season - Will Paxton & Zach Anderson (Motorcycle Irene)
• Long Distance Series (Deeds Trophy) - Ray Lotto (El Raton)

File Photo: 2006 Nationals--Races 6 & 7

Race 6-finish
Race 6-finish
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