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Author: Don ( contact the author
Subject: Express Hull #10 - For Sale
Info: (1643 views) Posted: Tuesday 7-9-19 08:35:34 AM
Location of the boat is in Ontario, Canada.

Thanks, Don

:: For sale is Hull #10 express - Hotsheets.
:: This boat is in good shape and comes with the following
:: items.
:: 1. Sails - Main and Genoa are in good shape (7-8/10) 2
:: years old and supplied by Quantum - Will Paxton. The jib
:: is a Pineapple dacron and in good shape (7/10) .. used
:: maybe 20 times. The spinnaker is Pineapple and in good
:: shape (6/10). There are various other beer can sails but
:: would use them for practice or a Sunday sail. Overall
:: you can race and be competitive with the sails.

:: 2. Trailer - The trailer was rebuilt with the surge
:: tongue, brakes, lights, etc. Other than a coat of paint
:: on the steel and tires, everything else is one year old.

:: 3. Mast - The mast is black in colour and has high tech
:: non stretch rigging. The boom vang is a solid vang.

:: 4. Traveler / Main Sheet - The traveller car was
:: replaced and has the 4:1 standard mainsheet setup.

:: 5. Deck and Hull - The deck has had all hardware removed
:: and filled with epoxy. There is one soft spot on the
:: port chain plate. Otherwise the deck is solid. The deck
:: has had the compasses removed and filled with
:: fiberglass. The instruments on the bulkhead have been
:: removed and repaired as well. The deck is ok to sail but
:: would need some finishing and nonskid paint. Fairly easy
:: to do if you have any experience with this. The hull is
:: solid with no soft spots.

:: 6. Motor - The motor is a yamaha 2 1/2 hp motor. It was
:: bought brand new and runs very well. There may be 100
:: hours on it.

:: 7. Comes with the Velocitek Prostart and life jackets.
:: Overall the boat is in good shape and ready to sail. It
:: would need the deck to be finished to qualify as a top
:: looking boat. Comes with many nice features and
:: accessories. Sails are strong and will put you
:: competitive on the race course.
:: I am selling this as I am getting out of sailing and no
:: time to work on it.
:: Photos available on request but there are some on the
:: website under
:: Contact me at the email with any questions

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