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Author: Brendan Busch ( contact the author
Info: (6761 views) Posted: Monday 8-22-16 10:17:55 AM
Regarding sail measurements--we have not been marking old spinnakers as "USED" for quite some time, as there hasn't been a problem in the fleet of anyone buying lots of new or specialty spinnakers. We could reinstate this practice if it becomes an issue.

Likewise, if ordering sails from a local reputable sailmaker, just remind them to ensure the sails are class legal and for them to refer to class rules or ask a fleet measurer if there are any questions.

Typically we only remeasure / re-weigh a boat if it has been modified or considerable work done on it. We can measure at request as well. At nationals, there are often spot checks for lifelines, minimum equipment, etc. The intent is to have everyone racing, so minor infractions are just brought to the attention of the owner.

If anyone has any questions about measurement, feel free to ask Will or Brendan.

:: Also, what is considered protocol when buying new sails
:: from a active and reputable sailmaker when it comes to
:: measurements? Just figured I would ask since I started
:: the topic of Nationals measurements.
:: Thanks for the input.
:: Jason
:: :: Hi Everyone,
:: ::
:: :: Just curious to know when measurements will be happening
:: :: for Nationals. I have a used spinnaker or 2 that I would
:: :: like to get measured/marked as "used" for my boat since
:: :: I am hoping to make 2017 Nationals with my boat. If
:: :: someone knows the date(s) for Nationals measurement,
:: :: that would be very helpful with regards to planning.
:: ::
:: :: Thanks,
:: :: Jason

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