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Author: Pat Brown ( contact the author
Subject: Houses
Info: (287 views) Posted: Saturday 6-16-18 01:02:33 PM
So far not having any luck in finding a house near by. Been checking with - will continue.

:: Patrick,
:: Did you ever get any responses to this? Do you have any
:: places in mind and an idea of the cost? I am starting to
:: think about this and knowing the logistics in Marin can
:: be a PITA, this seems like a good idea to combine
:: efforts.
:: Thanks,

:: Jason

:: Hull #59
:: :: Looking for other boat owners that are interested in
:: :: renting a house for the weekend for the nationals. I
:: :: would like to see if we can have at least have 8 people
:: :: sleep comfortable. Maybe even a hotub. Any out of
:: :: towners interested in sharing a rental?

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  • Housing (315 views) [x]
    Patrick Brown ~ Sunday 1-28-18 07:41:10 PM
    • Housing (183 views) [x]
      Jason ~ Friday 6-15-18 06:38:11 PM
      • Houses (288 views) [x] (current)
        Pat Brown ~ Saturday 6-16-18 01:02:33 PM
        • Houses (55 views) [x]
          Erik Hauge ~ Wednesday 9-12-18 03:59:34 PM