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Author: Bill Sumerfield
Subject: Mast base
Info: (2298 views) Posted: Tuesday 10-17-17 07:04:58 PM
Not sure what exactly you are asking about, but I added some pics of mine in a new gallery called, cleverly, Mast Base. I think this is the original set up. There is a tombstone shaped shoe that fits into the mast and is secured by 4 screws through the mast wall into the shoe. The tilting mast base unit then bolts to the shoe with 4 screws.

I try to remove the base every year and clean it up because the base of the mast seems like it would be a very harsh environment. It was a bear to disassemble the first time but is pretty smooth now. The shoe had some stripped holes, so I have re-drilled a couple to the next size up and re-tapped. I use LanoCote as an anti-seize when reassembling but I know others swear by other products.


:: Hello,
:: Does anyone has photos of their mast base, on deck and
:: inside the base of the mast section?
:: Ballenger explains some sort of tubing (square tubing
:: about 2" x 2.5" with 1/8" wall) that is apparently
:: screwed onto the stainless plate and into which is the
:: section is simply in place with a bolt going through the
:: section. This allows a little play considering the base
:: of the mast always rocks a little.
:: I need photos to better understand the mod.
:: Thanks!
:: Jerome

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