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Author: Brendan Busch ( contact the author
Subject: Cap Screws for Deck Hardware
Info: (10480 views) Posted: Tuesday 8-12-03 08:05:21 AM
Fasco is located next to Svendsons and they do sell to the public. These are also known to some as "Sex Nuts"...

:: Are you referring to the barrel nuts with a Phillips
:: head on the inside of the cabin? If so you can purchase
:: them from West Marine but they want over $4.00 each for
:: the little buggers! The company that makes them is
:: Fasco, but I donít know if they sell to the public. I
:: bought mine from a local place called Laddís in Stockton
:: Ca for about $0.70 each. While they donít stock the
:: parts they ordered mine and had them the next day. I
:: stopped by there today and they said they would be happy
:: to have some shipped to you if you want. Their number is
:: (209) 477-9520.
:: You may have to buy a minimum of 25 but as I recall
:: there are a lot of them in the boat, and the factory
:: ones are chrome plated which peeled and corroded in my
:: boat. The ones made by Fasco are stainless and of much
:: higher quality in my opinion. Double-check what size you
:: need because there were 2 different sizes on my boat. I
:: have some leftover so if you only need a couple, and
:: canít find them locally, drop me a line and Iíll send
:: you some.
:: Russ
:: :: Does anybody have a source for the cap screws used in
:: :: the interior for holding the deck hardware in place?

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