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Author: Paul Cronin ( contact the author
Subject: Kincora for Sale
Info: (7856 views) Posted: Wednesday 5-11-16 08:49:43 PM
Here is the link to a quick list of Kincora that I put together. It has also been emailed to three interested parties. You can't go wrong with this boat for shorthanded sailing and easy to get back to fleet racing.

And if that does not work go to my site and under MY BOATS you will see KINCORA AD.

:: I have received a few call and emails about the races
:: and interest in Kincora, thanks for the support and
:: interest. I was already thinking of moving up to 30' in
:: the fall, just doing it sooner.
:: Tonight I will work on the two list and post a link to
:: my site. Also started a walk through video in my shop.
:: I would be happy to work out a deal delivering the boat
:: to West Coast. She is hull #115. Currently she is in my
:: shop ready to be launched.
:: :: Kincora is for sale. I will put a link up here listing
:: :: all her gear and work performed. She is turn key
:: :: shorthanded E27 for Pac Cup or Singlehanded TransPac.
:: ::
:: :: Reason for selling is the clubs in our area say you must
:: :: be 30' to do singlehanded races, except for one race. I
:: :: have tried fighting this for the last two seasons I have
:: :: owned her but, tired of the fight. She is one of the
:: :: best boats I have ever owned and sailed. Hard to let her
:: :: go. But now I have to move to 30-32', unless anyone
:: :: knows how to blow her up four feet.
:: ::
:: :: Link and more info soon. For now you can go to my site
:: :: and see some of the work pics and sailing videos at
:: :: Go to My Boats and E27 links.

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