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Author: Paul Cronin ( contact the author
Subject: Kincora for Sale
Info: (8054 views) Posted: Wednesday 5-11-16 01:30:56 PM
I have received a few call and emails about the races and interest in Kincora, thanks for the support and interest. I was already thinking of moving up to 30' in the fall, just doing it sooner.

Tonight I will work on the two list and post a link to my site. Also started a walk through video in my shop.

I would be happy to work out a deal delivering the boat to West Coast. She is hull #115. Currently she is in my shop ready to be launched.

:: Kincora is for sale. I will put a link up here listing
:: all her gear and work performed. She is turn key
:: shorthanded E27 for Pac Cup or Singlehanded TransPac.
:: Reason for selling is the clubs in our area say you must
:: be 30' to do singlehanded races, except for one race. I
:: have tried fighting this for the last two seasons I have
:: owned her but, tired of the fight. She is one of the
:: best boats I have ever owned and sailed. Hard to let her
:: go. But now I have to move to 30-32', unless anyone
:: knows how to blow her up four feet.
:: Link and more info soon. For now you can go to my site
:: and see some of the work pics and sailing videos at
:: Go to My Boats and E27 links.

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