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Author: Bryan Myers ( contact the author
Subject: re: Boomkicker Hard Vang…
Info: (2932 views) Posted: Tuesday 5-31-22 05:58:20 PM
Hi Pete,

I use a boomkicker. I don't know the size but I think it comes with 2 sets of rods and one of them was correct. Not wanting to drill holes/add sharp aluminum under the boom I'm using the webbing strap rather than the hard mount. The aluminum mount didn't look like it allowed for the kind of travel we need anyway. I think I had to get a custom aluminum slug to fit the mast track and it was kind of a pain to set up.

I like the unit. You definitely need a bungie alongside the hardline attached between the webbing strap the boom rests on to the gooseneck so that the unit stays connected to the boom if you ever have to blow the vang, especially in a broach.

The whole thing is not as clean a setup as I'd like it but it performs it's duty well.

:: So I bartered some work for a Boomkicker hard vang for
:: my E-27. It’s a new unit from a boat with a much larger
:: main and it’s definitely too big or at least the support
:: rods are too big. I spoke to the rep. At the company and
:: he was awesome in general and told me I can return the
:: whole unit and downsize in models or just get smaller
:: rods…he also said his records show two different sizes
:: that have been sold to E-27 owners. I’m looking for some
:: feedback on what specific model any of you might be
:: using in this brand. I sail the boat short handed so I
:: mainly want this for reefing and of course to be able to
:: elevate the boom in light running conditions…the stock
:: Ballenger boom is definitely a bit on the heavy side.
:: Thanks in advance, Pete.

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