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Author: Brendan
Subject: Interior Paint
Info: (159 views) Posted: Friday 8-14-20 06:22:05 PM
The original interior of most Santa Cruz built boats was 'Polycore'--as mentioned a gelcoat with flattener and wax added for surface application.

After many attempts to source the original material I made my own to touch up the interior of my Express 37. Color matching was very hard because the original interior had become many different colors due to exposure, embedded dirt and mold, etc. I achieved close to the original color by adding black and yellow coloring to white gel coat.

If you go this route, do test batches and don't forget to add flattener and wax (without wax you will make a sticky mess). I used small disposable foam rollers for application and got a fairly consistent texture.

On my e27 I have repainted the entire interior with System 3 WR-LPU (Whidbey White, which is a light tan). I can't recommend this paint highly enough. It thins and cleans with water, but once this two-part LPU dries it is super strong and has a very similar feel and durability to the polycore. Touching it up is super easy as well.

My original interior was a grayish color--not sure if all the boats were the same inside. The Whidbey White from System 3 matches the original interiors of Moore 24s very well--I've used it several times for that...

good luck,


:: Hi all,
:: Does anybody have a suggestion for an interior paint
:: that works well inside the boat? Ideally it is fairly
:: close in color to the original interior paint / gelcoat.
:: I would like to clean up a few spots in Salty Hotel
:: without having to repaint the whole interior.
:: Thanks,

:: John

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