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Author: Yoshi Nakai ( contact the author
Subject: Mast step fiberglass compression issues
Info: (297 views) Posted: Monday 7-29-19 11:58:02 PM
i have same issue on #104. Tim Sarns shop is repairing now.

:: :: The fiberglass beneath my mast step has a few cracks and
:: :: maybe even a bit of compression from it's normal
:: :: thickness.
:: ::
:: :: Anybody else noticed this on their boats? What can be
:: :: done about it?
:: Our boat repair guru in Detroit, Tim Sarns, told me that
:: he has repaired several boats (not E27s) with
:: compression under the mast step by removing the step and
:: the deck skin under it; removing the bad core under it
:: and epoxying a thick aluminum plate under the mast step
:: plate. The aluminum plate should be a fair amount wider
:: and longer than the mast step plate in order to spread
:: the compression load. Once the aluminum plate is in
:: place the area above it can be filled and faired and a
:: new fiberglass cloth epoxied in on top of the aluminum
:: plate and faired. Then the deck plate can be
:: re-installed. As already mentioned, any problems below
:: with the bulkheads or the wood cross beam or ash A-frame
:: mast support should be addressed also.

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