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Author: Bryan Myers ( contact the author
Info: (3528 views) Posted: Sunday 8-26-18 10:04:00 PM
Hi all,

Oddly, I think my boat's hatch went missing too... though I suspect embarrassing user error more than anything else. Long story.

I'd prefer to replace it with something that can let some light into the boat.

Does anybody know if this has been done before and what the rules may allow?

I'm thinking a simple sliding piece of Lexan.

:: Moxie's sliding companionway hatch went missing at
:: Brickyard Cove sometime between late December and last
:: weekend. The boat was in the dry storage yard at BYC in
:: space 95 near the west end. I had not re-installed the
:: hatch rails after a repair, but the slider was locked to
:: the vertical hatch board which was fairly heavy Lexan,
:: and I figured that would keep the hatch in place.
:: Nothing else on the boat was touched, so I 'm suspecting
:: it blew off somehow or some other natural disaster
:: befell it as opposed to any foul play.
:: I posted a notice at BYC, but if anyone knows anything,
:: please give me a call or email.
:: Anyone know of a source for a replacement? I can have
:: Rufus pull a mold off another boat's hatch if all else
:: fails, but (1) that seems complicated; and (2) he is
:: (rather foolishly, in my view) prepping to sail his
:: Melges 30/32 to Hawaii in the Pac Cup and is desperately
:: trying to figure out how to cram enough stuff for 4 crew
:: for into the thing to make it 2100 miles without
:: resorting to cannibalism or worse.
:: Thanks,
:: Bill

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