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Author: Brendan
Subject: Mast base
Info: (3023 views) Posted: Wednesday 10-4-17 08:47:46 PM
Here is a picture of a new e27 mast base on Buzz's website:

What isn't shown is that a 1/2" thick piece of aluminum is bolted to the top of the hinged base through the 4 holes in a diamond pattern you can see. This piece is shaped to fit inside the e27 mast with just a little slop. Then the mast base is screwed to that piece from the sides with small (#10) machine screws.

The alternative Buzz described isn't a stock e27 setup (though it is legal). Instead of the 1/2" plate of aluminum (which requires screws through the mast extrusion very close to the bottom of the mast), a box section of aluminum is cut to fit inside the mast and this box is bolted to the hinged base. Then a single 1/4" bolt is put all the way through the mast and box section to hold it all together. Box section size will depend somewhat on mast section, but 2" x 2.5" x .125" sounds like it would fit the e27 mast well. If Buzz said that is the right size then it is!

I've never seen this assembly on an express 27 before, so you might have trouble digging up a picture-perhaps you were discussing a specific mast base problem with Buzz?


:: Hello,
:: Does anyone has photos of their mast base, on deck and
:: inside the base of the mast section?
:: Ballenger explains some sort of tubing (square tubing
:: about 2" x 2.5" with 1/8" wall) that is apparently
:: screwed onto the stainless plate and into which is the
:: section is simply in place with a bolt going through the
:: section. This allows a little play considering the base
:: of the mast always rocks a little.
:: I need photos to better understand the mod.
:: Thanks!
:: Jerome

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