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Author: Pat Brown ( contact the author
Subject: A plan to bring your boat to Tahoe
Info: (3374 views) Posted: Thursday 3-23-17 07:52:46 PM
Following up on plan to race Tahoe or just cruise Delta: We have open availability for Express 27 to park there boats on there trailer after the Delta Ditch Run till they want to travel to Lake Tahoe Trans Tahoe or even Fresno Lake Huntington Lake. Supporting other ventures: Contact me for space at Stockton Sailing Club : Pat Brown Express 27 #72 "Andale".

:: This plan centers around two dates :June 24 Trans Tahoe
:: Race , Tahoe Yacht Club, and July 8 Southern Crossing
:: Race, Lake Tahoe Windjammers Yacht Club. The basic plan
:: is trailer up and launch at Tahoe City during the week
:: prior to the Trans Tahoe, do that race and then leave
:: the boat at Ross Groelz's dock on the South Shore, or
:: cruise around and enjoy the lake or whatever, then do
:: the Southern Crossing Race. Then retrieve the boat back
:: to the trailer at Tahoe City. The dates can be variable,
:: you don't have to do both races. The catch is Trans
:: Tahoe Race offers a discounted launch and retrieve that
:: we cannot duplicate here on the South Shore.
:: Ross Groelz has a very accessible and secure dock behind
:: his home in residential section of Tahoe Keys in South
:: Lake Tahoe. He has offered to let visiting boats tie up
:: there, free of charge.
:: The Trans Tahoe is on the Express 27 distance race
:: schedule. It is a point to point race in the north end
:: of Lake Tahoe, organized by the Tahoe Yacht

:: club. The Southern Crossing is a point to point race in
:: the southern part of Lake Tahoe organized by the Lake
:: Tahoe Windjammers YC. Entry fee are roughly $130 and $60
:: respectively.
:: Contact people are: Ross Groelz,

:: John Morrison,

:: Steve Katzman,
:: Make the plan,

:: SDK Steve Katzman

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