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Author: Oliver
Subject: Delta Ditch Stayover
Info: (1327 views) Posted: Friday 5-6-16 03:39:09 PM
Is it windy in the morning/early afternoon there? Its obviously usually pretty tame on the Bay till 1-2PM. I know easiest chance I would have to convince my Dad would be doing something the Sunday following the Ditch and just drive home that evening rather than morning.

:: After Delta Ditch Run Stay Over

:: I've contacted the Stockton Sailing Club Harbor Master
:: and Port Captain and found there are open dry storage
:: places available after Delta Ditch Run. If Express 27's
:: would like to stay after to dry out, explore the Delta
:: or even have a fun regatta after DDR please let me know.
:: Also if you would like to stage your boat before going
:: to Portland, Lake Tahoe, holding for Huntington Lake or
:: returning to SF Bay - spots are available.

:: If boats would like a fun race and a BAR B Que there are
:: open weekends. June 11 or 12 and June 18 or 19. There
:: are SSC Wednesday Night Races and of course the
:: SSC/RYC/SCYC Junior Sail Camp happening July 9-16th. For
:: the insane, there is the South Tower Race.

:: Please let me know how long you would like to stay and
:: your email. There will be a charge and the Harbor Master
:: will forward paperwork. First five boats get a spot for
:: DDR at the SSC yard instead of parking at public launch
:: ramp. Can handle up to 10 boats.

:: Please let me know if interested in a fun race with
:: dates and times. 'Andale will be spending the summer at
:: SSC before returning to the SF Bay for Jazz Cup. The two
:: other SSC Express 27's will be staying also.

:: Pat Brown --- (707)350-3667

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