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Author: Oliver
Subject: New to bay area, looking to crew
Info: (713 views) Posted: Thursday 4-21-16 07:00:30 PM
If you want to crew call me....978-846-1614. Always looking for people. Could probably fit you in for Vallejo. We never have enough people. Express best boat on Bay. You are in the right place.

Oliver Abigail Morgan

:: Howdy!
:: I see you have quite the crew list and have added my
:: name; I wanted to introduce myself. I am looking to
:: become regular crew on a boat, preferably in San
:: Francisco. It looks like I just missed J-Fest.
:: I was quite active in the sailing community in Texas,
:: and recently moved to the bay area in December. I mainly
:: crewed on J/24s (jib trim and foredeck, some spin
:: trimming) every weekend for the last 8 years, both
:: circuit and club sailing, but did do a week-long regatta
:: in Millennium Express (Express 37) in Galveston Bay,
:: which is originally from the Bay Area, some of you may
:: remember her.
:: Before I moved here from Texas, I spent about 18 months
:: restoring a 1974 Dufour 31 with my best friend and
:: entering it in the Harvest Moon offshore regatta in
:: 2014, we came in 2nd in our class. I've done perhaps 15
:: offshore regattas overall. I'm looking to purchase a
:: boat out here sometime in the next year, but I'm eager
:: to get involved in the sailing community here in the bay
:: area!
:: Thanks
:: Chad Hedstrom

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