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Author: Brendan
Subject: Filling Deck Holes
Info: (3546 views) Posted: Wednesday 3-2-16 03:43:34 PM
I strongly second Jason's advice to use vinylester resin, and also to use G10 tubes in holes that will be taking mounting hardware.

For holes being abandoned, a quick and dirty repair (that may leak later): over-drill the hole to get clean edges, tape the backside with _green_ 3m painters tape, fill with thickened vinylester, and paint the top of the repair to protect it from UV.

The _best_ way to fill holes being abandoned is to scallop around the holes first with a die grinder (extending 1/8-1/4" beyond the hole) fill them with thickened vinylester and cap them with little circles of fiberglass mat. This will completely prevent them from cracking at the edges of the repair and leaking. This is the approach I would always take if the deck is getting refinished. It goes really fast when you are doing lots of holes.

Vinylester isn't readily available. I get it at Svendsens, but the smallest size they have is a gallon. It is MUCH easier to work with since it is much more tolerant and cures to sanding very quickly (1-3 hours in good weather).

:: Let me recommend NOT using epoxy resin. It shrinks over
:: time and will allow water to get back into the balsa
:: core (ask me how I know this!). The best solution is to
:: use vinylester resin and G-10 rod in each of the holes.
:: The G-10 will keep you from over compressing the holes
:: when the hardware is re-installed. Either way, you
:: should use vinylester resin to make sure you avoid the
:: shrinking issue. Now would be a good time to tap out the
:: deck to make sure there are not any other areas of water
:: entry into the deck.
:: Cheers,

:: Jason
:: :: 3-4 inch wIde painters tape and lots of it.
:: ::
:: :: :: Hi all,
:: :: ::
:: :: :: I've removed all the hardware from my deck and am about
:: :: :: to over-drill, fill, and re-drill.
:: :: ::
:: :: :: I'm wondering if anybody has some good tips on how to
:: :: :: keep the expoxy from dripping through the holes and into
:: :: :: the interior.
:: :: ::
:: :: :: Taped on wax paper under the hole? Wait until epoxy is a
:: :: :: thick consistency? Use thickeners?
:: :: ::
:: :: :: I'd love to not have to learn this one the hard way ;-)
:: :: ::
:: :: :: Thanks
:: :: ::
:: :: :: Bryan

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