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Author: Eric Deeds ( contact the author
Subject: 2010 Fun Series Weight Limit Soft Sounding
Info: (10615 views) Posted: Friday 10-30-09 01:00:10 PM
Mike and e27 Class:

As a one design class, any action re class rules, including racing weight limit, will be taken at the class level. There will be no alternative weight limit for a subset of the SF fleet schedule. The current max combined crew weight in a class sanctioned one design event is 880 lbs.

Any dues paying owner of an e27 interested in seeing this class rule changed is invited to make that interest known by posting here and contacting the class officers.

If enough owners are interested in seeing a change, it is certainly a possibility. Based on numerous discussions and votes taken at past annual meetings, we believe that a only a small minority of the SF fleet is actually interested in changing the weight limit rule. If we are wrong, please demonstrate this to us by posting here.

- Eric

:: This soft sounding is for Fun series participants only
:: and does not effect Buoy series.
:: The inquiry is, "All Fun Racers AGAINST adopting Larry's
:: weight rule allowing owners their free weight on the
:: rail above their 176# mean average crew weight please
:: state that objection here in reply.
:: Let us know over the next month.
:: Thanks,

:: Mike

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