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Author: Will Paxton
Subject: Doublehanded Farallones & LShip
Info: (12754 views) Posted: Friday 2-1-08 08:05:56 PM
Shy kites or reachers are the same thing. There is a minimum size written in the class rule. A small kite conforming to the class rule would be totally legal for any event. I would like to see the 'outside the gate' sail rules opened up as well. The class is currently writing up the procedure for revising the rules and I intend to introduce my proposal then. The class maximum weight should still be followed. I'm sure the SI's state that class rules apply to a given one design class for OYRA. Certainly it would if you want your score to count for the season trophy. Otherwise we would all have to sail heavy, have heavy designed sails, more lunches, ect... Will

:: Hi Everyone:
:: Desperado is doing LightShip and doublehanded
:: Farallones.
:: I don't have any problem with anyone bringing their
:: ocean gear. Or shy kite.
:: In fact, might I add the question are boats fully
:: compliant with all the safety gear? Its a lot of extra
:: weight that can also add inequity reqardless of the
:: safety requirement.
:: I have a sixth crew that wants to go on LightShip does
:: anyone mind a little extra weight?
:: Mike
:: :: From my recollection at the '07 Nationals Skipper's
:: :: meeting, shykites would be OK for class races scheduled
:: :: beyond Pt. Bonita, but that specialty kites like
:: :: reachers would not. Few opinions were that it would lead
:: :: to a cost prohibitive arms race. Those people wishing to
:: :: use the specialty kites could still race under their
:: :: regular PHRF. Is my recollection correct? Help me out
:: :: here, guys! But yes, nothing as been added to the
:: :: written rules yet.
:: ::
:: :: Joe B.
:: ::
:: :: :: Last year was the first time in the 8 years I've done
:: :: :: the doublehanded Farallones race that the class
:: :: :: disallowed shykites. It had always been agreed upon that
:: :: :: outside the gate we could sail with anything allowable
:: :: :: under PHRF, i.e. shykites, reachers, etc. This
:: :: :: arrangement was supposed to have been written into the
:: :: :: rules. I plan on going this year and ,would like to race
:: :: :: with the class and bring all my ocean equipment.

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