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Author: Will Paxton
Subject: TackTicks
Info: (10778 views) Posted: Wednesday 11-9-05 10:52:17 PM
The intent of the anti integration rule has always been interpreted to disalow expensive electronic systems and prevent another 'gotta-have-it-to-compete' arms race. Thus it is a cost saving measure protecting the equality of boats in the fleet. If the majority of the class feels that this should be changed then we can vote on it. Many advances in technology were not forseen in our class rules and I belive that an Interpretations section should be added to the rules to clarify them to prevent disputes in the future ASAP. I will write one and send it out soon for coment. Will Motorcycle Irene

:: It would be nice to clarify the intent of the
:: prohibition. All the actual rules say is 'Integrated
:: Electronics'. You assume it comes afoul of the rules if
:: it's hooked up to a GPS. I always figured it meant you
:: couldn't have compass and wind data correlating with
:: speed data to give you stuff like true wind direction,
:: VMG data, etc. None of this stuff is particularly
:: expensive nowdays.
:: While I wouldn't find this overabundance of data too
:: useful on my Express, it would make sense to clearly
:: state what is and isn't allowed.
:: Bob
:: :: We have the tacktick wireless set-up on Moxie. BTW,
:: :: doesn't violate the rules as long as you are just using
:: :: speed and depth. I believe it becomes integrated if you
:: :: hook it up to a GPS so it would give you VMG to a mark.
:: :: But that is just my take on the way the rules are
:: :: written.
:: (snipped)

:: :: -Jason 
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