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Author: Brendan Busch ( contact the author
Subject: TackTicks
Info: (15527 views) Posted: Thursday 11-3-05 07:42:43 AM
I use the big TackTicks. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. The RaceMaster is the compass-only unit. It is easy to read (two displays, one for each tack), extremely accurate, and incredibly reliable. I used the same unit for 3 Worrell 1000s (1000 ocean miles on a beach catamaran), and it worked flawlessly the whole time. Nothing could compare as a test of waterproofness and reliability, as every other piece of electronic gear (Garmin GPS, Icom Radios) failed despite being in waterproof bags. The night light will run all night, and the compass requires NO WIRING. This compass was our main source of navigation and it was bulletproof.

Since I already had a compass, I bought a second unit - the SpeedMaster - as a speedo. Just as easy to read, just as reliable. Plus, it worked just fine with my existing transducers (originally a KVH Quadro system that never worked fine). Again, no battery required, but it does need wiring to the transducers. The depth guage isn't so hot (only reads about 15 feet or less), but it also isn't wired meticulously (they say you shouldn't shorten the depth gauge transducer wire). I've found the night light _doesn't_ go all night on the SpeedMaster (presumably because powering the transducers takes a little juice). We'd have to recharge the batteries with a flashlight at night. Otherwise, it is just as highly recommended as the compass. With these two instruments I can race bouys without a house battery on board.

These two units have huge displays and work great. Sensitivity is perfect without doing any adjustment. They have countdown timers for the starts. They pop out of their brackets for safe keeping in seconds.

You can get them combined into one unit in the SailMaster.

The only downside of these instruments is they are _expensive_. I orded them out of England and they were quite a bit cheaper than anywhere in the US. Can't find the shop just now. I've never needed service on them (going on 6 years for the compass), so no comment on customer service.

BTW, TackTick has a very cool and lightweight wireless system now, but beware--probably violates class rules on "integrated electronics".

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