Delta Ditch Run at Stockton Sailing Club/Richmond Yacht ClubJune 2
Norcalsailing report featuring Summer Palace:

Below quoted from Pressure Drop: Drew Scott was helming a F-28.

"My crew is starting to swing around to pick me up when El Raton, in perfect control slides up beside me and asks if I would like to get picked up. They had already doused their chute and stopped beside me. I took their offer and got back into a boat (trying to stop a lightweight trimaran next to someone when it is blowing in the mid-20s is not easy so I figured I would not turn down El Raton.

My crew ably finished the race on Papillon, only one boat behind El Raton! And I had many adventures with El Raton, but that is their story to tell.

So, a great big thank you to the Ray Lotto and the crew of El Raton for pulling my soggy hide out of Suisun Bay!!

Drew Scott
Papillon (most of the time)"
PosBoatTotalRace 1
1El Raton11
2Magic Bus22
5Wile E Coyote55
6Loose Cannon66
7Take Five77
9Great White99
11Summer Palace1111
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SaturdayMagic BusGPX KML 2012-06-02 10:132012-06-02 17:202012-06-04 21:24

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