Express 27 Awards Party at St. Francis Yacht ClubMarch 3
Looking for a Ride or Crew
#18433New Wave (Buzz Blackett)
I can't race but will be at the party. (Feb 26 12:31 PM)
#18355Archimedes (Joe Balderrama)
Will try to make the party if the little girl behaves. (Feb 27 4:24 PM)
#60Salty Hotel (Mark Wippich)
We will have 3 there (Feb 28 12:48 PM)
#18462Attack From Mars (Dave & Jen)
Not racing, but will attend party. (Mar 1 11:45 AM)
Boats Racing
#18070Opa! (Tom Hintz Peggy Lidster)
#41Magic Bus
5 of us (Feb 15 7:28 PM)
#11Wile E Coyote (Dan Pruzan)
We'll have 5 there (Feb 16 10:34 AM)
#77539Desperado (Mike Bruzzone)
#68Xena (Mark Lowry)
5-8 from Xena (Feb 26 11:01 AM)
#116Witchy Woman (Tom Jenkins)
5 there from the witch (Feb 26 11:12 PM)
#28137Motorcycle Irene (Will Paxton)
At least 4 of us. (Feb 27 2:44 AM)
we'll have 6 there. (Mar 1 6:03 PM)
#6712Radio Flyer (Bob Doerr)
4 from RF (Mar 2 1:10 AM)
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