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Author: Joe B.
Subject: Standing Rigging replacement
Info: (7772 views) Posted: Thursday 4-5-07 10:02:32 AM
Thanks for all the good advice, Jason! Should I replace the chainplates or beef them up even if they don't visibly show signs of wear? If so, who makes 'em?

:: Since you are going to have your rig down here are some
:: things that I would recommend doing:
:: 1) Order the halyard chaff stopper from Buzz. It
:: attaches to the crane and will save some life on your
:: main halyard.

:: 2) Make sure your topping lift exits above the top
:: spreader and the reinforcements are installed. You
:: should see 4 rivets on either side of th topping lift
:: shive. If it diesn't have them, now is a good time to
:: install them. Buzz sells a kit or you can do it
:: yourself.

:: 3) Check to make sure the bolts through your chainplates
:: are hex head and not phillips. The phillips head screws
:: are known to shear off. Now is a good time to replace
:: them.

:: 4) Remove the chain plates and check for wet core around
:: the deck area. Most boats will have the wet core if they
:: have not been sealed properly. What we did was to use a
:: bent nail on a drill to get the core out. Then fill with
:: epoxy resin. Measure and redrill the slot that the
:: chainplates fit through. Keep sealed with maring
:: silicone, and now if it does leak it will not get into
:: the core of the deck.

:: 5)Check all your shives to make sure they run smoothly
:: and are not wire shives. All of our boats originally had
:: wire halyards and unless they have been changed out over
:: the years, they still have the wire shives in there.
:: These will eat up your halyards over time.
:: That is all I have off the top of my head, but feel free
:: to ask if you have any questions.
:: Cheers,

:: Jason
:: :: I will be ordering replacement rigging from Buzz. I've
:: :: learned that the rods have different attachments
:: :: depending upon the mast's year of make. No problem
:: :: there, I've got pictures to send to him. I've read our
:: :: articles on Mast and Chainplate maintenance, but would
:: :: also like to hear additional advice from others who have
:: :: done this job already. Thanks!

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