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Author: Joe B. ( contact the author
Subject: How to Dry Sail?
Info: (11804 views) Posted: Tuesday 8-15-06 09:43:24 AM

I can echo Dan's comments. Alameda Marina and EYC are both nice places. I've tried both and for staging, logistics, & maintenance, Crew and I prefer the Marina. Though after races, we don't get to meet the other boats/crew unless we drive up. A second active Express has arrived though, a third would be nice.

About splashing the boat, I do it single-handed in about 20 minutes from hitch up to lift and lower. On the rig, I have not done that, but it's the most simple system I've seen 2-3 people do. The mast is hinged as opposed to seated like the SC27.


:: I am considering buying an express 27 and I have some
:: questions on the concept and practice of dry sailing the
:: boat. I am not new to the sport. I had an International
:: Falkboat for about five years, was primary crew on the
:: old IOR 1/2Toner “Sorcerer” for some fifteen years. I
:: have Pacific Cup, Oakland/Catalina race, and more
:: windjammers, and OYRA stuff then I can shake a stick at,
:: but I have literally no experience with dry sailing.

:: Where can I find yards to keep the boat with launching
:: facilities? Is there a list? I prefer the
:: Alameda/Oakland Estuary area but I am flexible. What do
:: dry storage costs look like, and what would the
:: launching fees be? Would it be better to join a club
:: with these resources, and if so which would you suggest?
:: Then the questions about rig set-up and take-down in
:: terms of technique, man power, and time, are enough to
:: make wonder if there is a good book on the subject.

:: Clearly, any information you may have that would point
:: me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
:: Thanx in advance,

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