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Author: Tibor Ipavic ( contact the author
Subject: TackTicks
Info: (15934 views) Posted: Monday 12-12-05 01:08:36 PM

I'm also in agreement that this rule could use updating regarding integrated electronics should be revised to reflect current trends and bring these archaic rules into the 21st Century. This is not that big of a deal, cost-wise anymore (and this is coming from someone who doesn't have alot to throw around) and I think would be great to incorporate into the fleet . . . personally, I find it interesting and would add to my enjoyment and learning of the sport.

I think the really good sailors in the fleet will benefit some from this upgrade but probably not as much as the less experienced because they already sail so well and understand the Bay conditions so much better that it won't give them a quantum leap away from the beginners. So, I'm not so worried about the best getting so much better that they are untouchable. The beginners on the other hand, will be able to sail more intelligently and similaneously better understand the nuances of the Bay. Perhaps the net effect will be to bring up the "rear" of the fleet, modestly, creating better contention with the rest of the fleet. This should make for more exciting racing overall and I think that would be a good thing as a whole.

- Tibor
Kolibri US 28859

:: Perhaps we should understand what "integrated" means.
:: Paraphrasing the dictionary, connecting two or more
:: elements is integrating. It would seem that connecting a
:: GPS does not define the system as integrated. If two
:: instruments can "talk" to one another they are, by
:: definition, integrated.
:: I agree with Will. When our rules were first written the
:: instruments now available to us were only a dream. Their
:: relative cost to 25 years ago is not that much. If we
:: were to remove the prohibition of integrated instruments
:: it could be a move to modernization of our class rules.

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