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Author: Chris Gage ( contact the author
Subject: Pac Cup
Info: (10966 views) Posted: Wednesday 7-21-04 03:33:41 PM
Congratulation to all the express 27 in the Pac Cup! Salty Hotel, Mirage and Dianne for their overall efforts and results. It was really great to watch the fleet position reports.

I hope that soon we will all get a recap on the whole adventure as well as some guidelines that will help other boats prepare for the 2006 Pac Cup. It would be great help in planning to have some idea of overall cost and preparations for this race as well as getting the boat home?

Maybe we can get six boats for 2006!

:: Ralph,

:: Thank you for posting the Pac Cup updates on the site.
:: We did finish second in division. Not enough runway to
:: makeup 31 hours on the well sailed Hawkfarm. What a
:: great way to spend fourteen days. Sailing and racing.
:: Kite up twenty four/ seven. My 17 year old son David and
:: I were co-skippers and had a blast. Sleep and a shower
:: were special treats upon arrival. Every Express owner
:: should try this event!!!

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