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Author: Zachery Anderson
Subject: Looking Again
Info: (5220 views) Posted: Sunday 10-2-16 10:50:47 AM

As a fleet we may seem relaxed about enforcement of the rules, but the reality is as a class we all adhere to the rules very well.

Last year we weighed, inspected, and measured, the top 4 boats from the 2014 nationals and the season champions. All the boats measured, without any issues.

Our class measurers are very knowledgeable and diligent. They do spot inspections through out the year and in particular at nationals. If you cheat they will notice or somebody else will. They will politely tell you to fix it, everyone does.

Quantum, North, Pineapple, and Santa Cruz sails all make great sails for the fleet and they have been wighing in properly for years. They won't get it wrong unless you tell them to make a cheater sail.

Have fun, go fast, live the dream.


:: Hi Gerry,
:: That is a tough one. Express 27's are a hot commodity at
:: this point. From my experience, when one comes up for
:: sale, you need to be ready to move quick.
:: I got an Express for the same reasons you mention.
:: Keep an eye on the For Sale board though. They do come
:: up occasionally and be ready to move quick and
:: potentially have to do some upgrades. When I bought my
:: boat, I knew there were going to be some things needing
:: to be addressed and just factored it in. You got to pay
:: to play is the way I look at it.
:: Jason
:: :: Hi Jason,
:: ::
:: :: I am looking for a new boat. Kids older and want to get
:: :: back into sailing and love the Express 27.
:: ::
:: :: Any ideas on how to progress.
:: ::
:: :: Regards,
:: :: Gerry

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