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Author: Jason ( contact the author
Subject: Tom Baffico
Info: (7551 views) Posted: Friday 7-31-15 12:05:36 AM
I am shocked to hear this news. Tom was one of the best sailors on the bay and a great person to know on and off the water. Always a gentlemen and very willing to sit down and explain to me just how badly I fouled him on many occasions. I feel fortunate to have sailed against him and known him. He will truly be missed.


:: I am very sad to hear this news. Tom was a formidable
:: competitor and always a gentleman on the water. I did
:: not know Tom personally as a friend but his loss will
:: felt on the bay.
:: :: I'm sad to let you know there will be a memorial service
:: :: for Tom Baffico (E27 Baffett) next Friday July 31 at 1pm
:: :: at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. There are also
:: :: plans for a memorial some evening about a month from now
:: :: at the St Francis, details to follow.
:: ::
:: :: Tom was a well liked and well respected skipper in many
:: :: fleets over the course of his life, including the Open
:: :: 5.70, Express 27, Snipe and El Toro as well as
:: :: collegiate racing at UC Berkeley. Please help us get the
:: :: word out to friends and acquaintances who may not be on
:: :: these mailing lists.

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