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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: Desperado Price Redcued to Sell
Info: (9136 views) Posted: Wednesday 4-23-14 10:13:46 AM
So its not news that after 30 years of ownership Desperado, Hull #8 is for sail, literally. Put this proven fast boat back on the race course.

A list of equipment can be found on this site below. A professional marine survey is avaialble passing the boat in everyway stating a $60K replacement value.

Additonally, Rufus Shoeberg of e27 retrofit fame has surveyed the boat entirely, No issues that can't be solved and no major issues at all. This boat is absolutely rot free and has a beautiful bright white enamel and captain's varnished interior. Desperado does not look like a race boat down below . . . its a yacht.

So we've come up with a way, to purchase the boat at the right price, to buid the e27 YOU want to have.

How would you like to own an e27 worth $30K market for a whole lot less? Here's how.

Recent top notch e27 sale price $24,000 Less $5000 new Rufus quality sprayed desk and gloss.area finish Less $3000 trailer rebuild, sand blast, epoxy finish Less $1000 new standing rigging Less $800 paint keel Less $200 miscellaneous glass repairs.

You could do some of this project yourself and save.

The idea of sending the boat over to Rufus makes getting the e27 you want to have easy and hassle free. For out of area purchase, price includes my representing your desires, as a consultant, here in Richmond, California, at Rufus's shop to monitor the project every step of the way.

TOTAL Sale price is $13,000 purchases an outstanding platform to build the Express 27 you want to have.

Contact me

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