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Author: Zachery Anderson
Subject: Richmond YC (Mules)
Info: (7900 views) Posted: Tuesday 1-19-10 02:47:05 PM
Anybody else want to comment yea or nay?

:: As Will and I were putting Motorcycle Irene into the
:: water the other day, one of members of the RYC Harbor
:: Committee asked me if the E27s in the RYC boat yard
:: would be interested in the club acquiring some gas
:: powered mules to tow our trailers around. As someone who
:: does not have a truck on an everyday basis, I know this
:: will be a help to me. Especially after a hard days
:: sail.
:: Because they want to be sure that these will get used
:: before putting out the money, they would like a count of
:: us that would use them. If you send me an email or
:: respond to this thread by January 19th, I will collect
:: and send back to the committee. Z

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