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Author: Mike Bruzzone
Subject: Interior casework
Info: (3774 views) Posted: Wednesday 12-30-09 10:25:51 AM
Hi Maryann

If rooten into the glass tapes, probably want to replace these longitudinal stringers. Relatively inexpensive/knowledgaable repair vs boat yard from Rufus Shoenberg;


:: I'm having some problems with the casework on the
:: interior of the boat - specifically where the vertical
:: plywood panels in the cabin meet the lower part of the
:: hull. The worst are the panels running fore and aft
:: underneath the main cabin settees/nav station/sink
:: cabinet area. The plywood has started to degrade due to
:: standing water in one of its previous lives. Has anyone
:: ever rebuilt this casework? So far, the options I am
:: considering are 1) removing the worst panels and
:: glassing in new,

:: 2) using epoxy resin to "rebuild" some of the areas, or
:: 3) cutting out the damaged wood and sistering new lower
:: portions to the existing uppers.
:: I'll probably wait until the weather is drier to start
:: on this work. Any thoughts on restoring/rebuilding?
:: Thanks, Maryann

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