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Author: Chris Gage ( contact the author
Subject: trailer sand blasting shop?
Info: (10288 views) Posted: Tuesday 9-1-09 08:23:28 PM
I just painted Ergo trailer this year and used a paint call rust shield, which I purchase, at a car paint store one that specialized in automotive paints. I will see how it holds up? Since them I have found another pain cal Por 15 which is supposed to be even better for painting over rusted metal parts. Itís about $150.00 a gallon.

:: I have seen a few trailers get sandblasted and then
:: repainted and they just rust again in a few years. Very
:: expensive process too. I have used this Rustoleum
:: Hammered paint that you can get at home depot and it is
:: easy and works great. You just knock off the big chunks
:: of rust and paint this stuff on with a brush. It
:: checmically bonds the rust and seals really well. I did
:: the trailer "Opus" (now "verve") lives on and I believe
:: that trailer is still in great shape. I probably did
:: that trailer about 8 years ago. Comes in a bunch of
:: different colors as well.

:: -Jason
:: :: hi, my trailer is getting rusty and I'd like to sand
:: :: blast & paint it.
:: :: Would anybody have a good shop/person recommendation
:: :: around Richmond?
:: :: Thanks
:: :: Echeyde
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