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Author: Joe B.
Subject: 2008 LD/Fun Proposal - Framework
Info: (7074 views) Posted: Friday 10-5-07 12:40:41 PM

Thanks for setting up this forum. Though I'd participate in the usual long distance races regardless, I prefer and will be using the 880lbs class weight limit. If that's not possible, then I propose the results & standings be broken out differently (OD weight vs. open PHRF).

What are your thoughts on sails? I propose that races inside the bay and up to the Lightship buoy use the class specified sails - #1, #3, #4 and class kite and allow a shy kite for races that go outside the gate.


:: Hi Everyone:
:: Here's the proposed framework for 2008 Long Distance /
:: Fun Proposal. This framework is followed by a dialogue
:: area, by month, for reviewing and agreeing on the race
:: choices for LD/Fun sechedule for ratiifcation.
:: Again, the framework I've proposed is minimum of one
:: race a month for ten months. In July and August I've
:: noted more than one choice and am not opposed to doing
:: up to two races dutring these months where there is more
:: than one appropriate regatta for the expressed purpose
:: of the LD/Fun series. That is a mix of long distance and
:: fun races with social functions following whenever
:: possible.
:: Further, this framework I'm proposing includes no weight
:: limit to draw on a cast of crew. And, low point scoring
:: system to level the playing field.
:: Note that where there may be duplication with a Real
:: Fleet Series race, I personally do not care weather I'm
:: scored for the Real Fleet Series or not. And, they can
:: both be raced and scores under there own systems.
:: Monthly dialogue boxes follow. They include suggested
:: LD/Fun Series choices, some explaination, a note of
:: regattas traditionally included in the Real Fleet Series
:: for scheduling consideration. However, I trust all those
:: interested in the Real Fleet Series primarily, not to
:: derail LD/Fun series scheduling given the mix of races
:: that may cause conflicts and an increase the total race
:: load.
:: In other words, there is plenty of racing and simply
:: becuase there is a Real Fleet Series event one monthy,
:: that should not interfere with the LD/Fun Series choice
:: that month in terms of loading the total schedule.
:: So please chose your series events realistically; on
:: what you can do in total for insuring class
:: participation in your selected series.
:: mb

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