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Author: Joe B.
Subject: Boat Trailer Pads
Info: (6676 views) Posted: Wednesday 9-19-07 03:12:18 PM

This is from Ralph Deeds posting some time ago. You may be able to find others by using the search feature on the message page.

"Carpet pads covered with polyethelene have worked for me. Just staple heavy gauge polyethelene over the wood pads. The plastic prevents accumulation of moisture." - Ralph Deeds.

I would also check out the material that the M32, Southern Cross, is using on their trailer. It's white, ribbed closed cell foam about 1/2" thick. He's parked north of the Alameda office.

BTW, Taz looks very nice since you Oxalic washed up the hull. See what happens when you make things nice, you start worrying about pads.

Seriously though, moist pads on gel coat might lead to tiny annoying cosmetic blisters. I had that problem and it was time consuming to pop, fill, and fair.


:: I am looking for a suitable material to upgrade my
:: trailer's boat pads. I currently have 1" thick (marine?)
:: plywood blocks covered with carpeting. The carpeting
:: holds water and dirt and maintains a healthy specimen of
:: green algae.
:: What material(s) have been found to work well? I'd just
:: like to remove the carpeting and attach another material
:: that doesn't hold water nor mark the hull. Thanks.

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