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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: Long Distance Series Proposal
Info: (15431 views) Posted: Tuesday 7-3-07 08:45:33 PM
:: Hello Again:
:: I know; bitch, bitch, bitch:-) once again.
:: This time I'm writing about re-evaluating the current

:: Long Distance - Fun Series; which somehow after a
:: serious proposal for a REAL LONG DISTANCE SERIES last
:: year; for 2007, somehow morphed into a subset of what
:: the round the bouys racer's do anyway, plus a few camp
:: out races for owners with kids.
:: First addressing the fun series. My vote is to eliminate
:: it from the Long Distance Trophy. For those skippers who
:: want a second chance at winning a full model trophy, if
:: you don't win the fleet series, please try again next
:: year!
:: I propose the Fun Series simply be fleet designated
:: races seperate and distinct from the Long Distance
:: Championship Trophy. And please start seperate perpetual
:: trophies for these other FUN & individual regattas. In
:: fact, do what owners did years ago, cast a Silver
:: Trophy, or similar, for the perpetual race of your
:: preference and promote it as a one off perpetual FUN
:: RACE.
:: So, please do Huntington; seperately from the LD Trophy
:: Series. Its a great camp out and especially for family
:: boats. I myself, would go on a Moore 24, in a 30 boat
:: fleet, on some other owners card.

:: Now for the Long Distance Series Proposal. First
:: Proposal; Desperado and Lorax have proven beyond a
:: shadow of a doubt, that the E27 can easily take the MORA
:: series overall. It would be more fun with more
:: Expresses.
:: Now for my 1st 'MORA Proposal'. My first suggestion is
:: to make MORA our long distance series. That's a simple
:: venue. And think about it, the E27 fleet revives, if not
:: saves MORA, and subsequently extracts its fair share of
:: value from OYRA. Talk about 2 + 2 = 10. Get a seat on
:: OYRA and make it 2 + 2 = 20. In other words, I think we
:: can get more than our fair share of value, if we VOTE
:: MORA as our Fleets Long Distance Series. And, regardless
:: of extracting our fair share out of OYRA with a serious
:: contingent. But it is a possibility!
:: Now for the second proposal. This is roughly last years
:: proprosal representing A REAL LONG DISTANCE SERIES:.
:: 3 Bridge

:: Spring Crewed Lightship

:: Vallejo Race (social afterwards)

:: Monterey Spinnaker Run (social afterwards)

:: Ditch Run (social afterwards)

:: Drakes Bay (social afterwards)

:: Coastal Cup (social afterwards)

:: Midnight Moonlight

:: Silver Eagle

:: Half Moon Bay (social afterwards)

:: Second Half Opener (social afterwards)

:: Windjammers (social afterwards)
:: To cut this down, I would eliminate 3 Bridge, Crewed
:: Lighship, Midnight Moonlight, Silver Eagle and send the
:: Ditch Run to the Fun series in favor of the Drakes Bay
:: Race raft up. So the fun strategy here, within the Long
:: Distance Series, is the race must have a social function
:: following as a prerequisite for consideration.
:: To keep some of the non social afterwards races, I'd
:: only turn over 3 Bridge and Ditch Run to the FUN series
:: . . . keeping the true long diatance races . . . which
:: is what the series is suppose to be all about.
:: Please consider championing and voting one of these two
:: options as the 2008 REAL LONG DISTANCE SEIRES. That is
:: MORA, or, some combination of the REAL LONG DISTANCE
:: Mike Bruzzone

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