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Author: Chris Gage ( contact the author
Info: (3948 views) Posted: Friday 1-5-18 06:23:46 PM
HI Lori, ::

:: What Schedule are you referring too?
::,YES, to SSS round the rocks.
:: NO, to Aldo Alessio
:: What about Spinnaker Cup and DH Lightship ?

:: Hi All
:: I went through the schedule and we have eliminated a
:: short handed race (SSS Round the Rocks) and added
:: another fleet race (Resin Regatta) and we have also
:: scheduled two races that conflict with OYRA dates
:: (Moonlight Madness is the same as Half Moon Bay and the
:: 2 days of Aldo Alessio which hasn't been on our schedule
:: the past two years conflicts with both days of Drakes
:: Bay - combined OYRA and SSS). I thought there was some
:: interest in more (not less) shorthanded races this year.
:: Also wondering what happened to June Invitational (could
:: replace the Resin regatta for a fleet race) and Summer
:: Keel (could replace Aldo Allesio).
:: thanks.
:: Lori
:: :: Not that my input matters much but the Fun series
:: :: schedule focused on SSS is what I advocated long ago
:: :: seems fun and that RYC addition RYC Board is a lot about
:: :: talk and no correcting action WP.
:: ::
:: :: mb

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