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Author: Russ Rieber ( contact the author
Subject: Cap Screws for Deck Hardware
Info: (10562 views) Posted: Saturday 8-9-03 10:50:25 PM
Are you referring to the barrel nuts with a Phillips head on the inside of the cabin? If so you can purchase them from West Marine but they want over $4.00 each for the little buggers! The company that makes them is Fasco, but I donít know if they sell to the public. I bought mine from a local place called Laddís in Stockton Ca for about $0.70 each. While they donít stock the parts they ordered mine and had them the next day. I stopped by there today and they said they would be happy to have some shipped to you if you want. Their number is (209) 477-9520.

You may have to buy a minimum of 25 but as I recall there are a lot of them in the boat, and the factory ones are chrome plated which peeled and corroded in my boat. The ones made by Fasco are stainless and of much higher quality in my opinion. Double-check what size you need because there were 2 different sizes on my boat. I have some leftover so if you only need a couple, and canít find them locally, drop me a line and Iíll send you some.


:: Does anybody have a source for the cap screws used in
:: the interior for holding the deck hardware in place?

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