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Author: John Kearney ( contact the author
Subject: Corinthian One Design
Info: (6260 views) Posted: Wednesday 6-7-17 04:14:45 PM
Yea - squeezing in this one between the Delta Ditch and the Trans-Tahoe regatta is too difficult for me.

Elite Keel was scheduled the same day as the SSS Farallones race which had 5 Expresses on the line.


:: To schedule a regatta the following weekend after Ditch
:: Run is poor planning, as it makes it a rush to get the
:: boat back to the city. If you trailer home you need a
:: weekend for two to work on the rig before stepping it.
:: The weekend of the 17th is the Delta Do Da party at Owl
:: Harbor, which makes a great stop over if your motoring
:: home. Better yet plan on staying through 4th of July and
:: enjoying the delta.
:: :: Hello? What's happened to you guys? We failed to field a
:: :: fleet for the Elite Keel and I'm feeling a little lonely
:: :: on One Design sign ups. What's up with you guys? Come
:: :: out and have some fun!!
:: :: Is there a reason folks aren't showing up to regattas?

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