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Author: Jason
Subject: Mast for sale
Info: (4671 views) Posted: Monday 8-21-17 03:47:10 PM
Hi Mark,

I figured and I should have clarified that in my initial response. Sorry about that. I was merely just trying to highlight a known area of wear for prospective buyers. Not sure how other feel but my understanding is that the older masts have some benefits. Not sure if it is weight or bend characteristics thought since I am still learning the boat. Might need to hear from the other that have been in the fleet a long time to weigh in.


:: Thanks Jason. Yes, I had that. It was one small crack on
:: the weld on the side of the Sheave box. It was repaired
:: by a professional welder, so its good to go.
:: :: Just an FYI
:: ::
:: :: If folks are looking at that mast. It is the old section
:: :: (Same mast I have). Be sure to check the headstay
:: :: connection. Mine had to be welded due to cracks at the
:: :: sheave cassette.
:: ::
:: :: Jason
:: ::
:: :: :: Ballenger Mast for Sale on Craigslist
:: :: ::
:: :: ::

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