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Author: Jason (Hull #59)
Subject: Hull #4 Sold
Info: (3912 views) Posted: Wednesday 1-11-17 08:32:11 PM
Hey Kris,

Nice to hear from you. DD this year is going to be a good one this year. 10 yr anniversary for the DD. I hear you for the Wednesday nighters but I will say that we have some great racing with a great group of folks. Keep it in mind if you are looking for some great racing with plenty of breeze.

We are also starting to run so one design type events as well if Wednesday's don't work. We would love to get you involved if you are game.

My info is listed in the roster under hull #59. Give me a ring or shoot over an email if you are interested in trying to do some sailing at these events.

R2AK sounds interesting. I know of a number of folks that might be interested. Definitely reach out so we can keep you in the loop.


:: :: Congrats on getting it sold.
:: ::
:: :: Kris,
:: ::
:: :: Are you planning on racing Wednesday nights and such in
:: :: HR? Hopefully so, since that would put 5 E27s on the
:: :: line in HR.
:: ::
:: :: Congrats on the purchase.
:: Thanks! I've been eyeing ULDBs for a while now and this
:: one is in such great condition.
:: The plan has begun to participate in the 2017 R2AK which
:: I'm starting to build a crew for. If anyone here is
:: interested -- I've given my first round until Feb to
:: go/no-go before I explore a wider audience.
:: Hood River is a bit far away for weekday races, but I
:: would like to try the Double Damned.

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