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Author: Jason (Hull #59)
Subject: Hull #112 For Sale
Info: (4063 views) Posted: Monday 9-26-16 02:01:29 PM
Hi Jonathan,

Not sure if you realize that that posting was a year old and the boat has since sold. It is not terrible clear when you look at the forum.

With this said, and while valid questions regarding sails and electronics, you should realize that generally there is very little negotiation when it comes to buying an Express from my experience. There are definitely opportunities out there but it is a really tight market when it comes to the Express 27 and as such, you will have need to decide how much you are willing to invest.

I can say from having bought one last year that I have needed to do a number of maintenance items as well as upgrades and sails on my boat. It is an awesome boat but generally you have to be willing to pay to play.


:: :: Originally known as Punk Dolphin, hull #112 is for sale.
:: :: New sails, electronics and outboard. There are more
:: :: details on Craigslist at,
:: ::
:: ::
:: :: $20,000 with electronics
:: :: $17,000 without electronics
:: How many new sails? Type so electronics ?

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