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Author: David Drushler ( contact the author
Subject: KVH Quadro instruments for sale
Info: (19473 views) Posted: Friday 6-24-05 12:57:16 PM

I have the big brother of the 27, an Express 37, and a full KVH system that seems to have shorted out somewhere... and with support stopped last summer, I havenít decided what to do. I may be interested in either selling everything and going with something cheaper, like the TacTic's wireless micronet - reusing many things, like my airmar depth/knot if possible, the kvh sailcomp (need brain box on its own?), gps, autopilot, etc... But a the cheapest replacement system from Tactic is around 5k (reusing some of my components), and ockam is around 15k!!! So, maybe I should try and get the brain box fixed (likely place ken, because system powers down 3 seconds after powering up when one of the two data cables coming out of it is plugged into the network). But where to send it to get fixed (already tried basic things like new cable)? Maybe I should try and buy a used brain box and keep using the whole system if get working again. One dual, and two Maxies are new from 2 years ago, back when KVH was still replacing parts with new ones when they couldnít fix them.

I have:

Brain box NMEA interface sail-comp 1 keypad 2 duals 4 maxies

Any takers, repair/replacement suggestions, or KVH brain-boxes for sale?

:: Hi,

:: I am very interested in buying your KVH Quadro Keypad
:: II.

:: Also possibly the MAXI Displays.

:: Please contact me om my e-mail
:: Brgds.

:: Claes Redin
:: :: I have some KVH instruments for sale: 2- Maxi heading
:: :: displays (digital) $250 each, 2-Analog heading displays,
:: :: in original boxes, $250 each, 1- Keypad II, in original
:: :: box, $200. Plus shipping. Part of a lot of unused KVH
:: :: Quadro II instruments I bought for spare parts for my
:: :: boat.
:: :: James Jones

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