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Author: Larry Levit
Subject: Confer on Weight Limit for Fun Series
Info: (10981 views) Posted: Tuesday 3-4-08 10:31:19 PM
well folks, I have been thinking about it and it seems that since the skipper does not hike out or sit outboard, his/her weight does not appreciably effect the performance of the boat. Thus it contributes to the competitiveness only in a subtle way. It sets a limit for the total weight that the hiking members of the crew can add up to. It gives a substantial advantage to those boats with a skipper that weigh, say, 140 pounds. The "outrigger 4 can average 185! I think that we should make the skipper have a minimum weight of 175 to race in the fleet.

OK maybe I am being sarcastic but I hope I make a point nonetheless.


:: Hi Everyone:
:: I'll be sailing in the heavy person friendly M24 fleet @
:: Spring Keel this weekend.
:: There after attending the e27 5pm function. Looking
:: forward to conferring with others on the benefits of
:: increasing the weight limit in Fun Series only.
:: Desperado is at weight for LS. However, leaving a half
:: dozen people on the dock because they don't qualify
:: given the current weight filters 176# mean average, for
:: Fun Series, well, seems quite frankly; ridiculous.
:: MB

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