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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: Confer on Weight Limit for Fun Series
Info: (16349 views) Posted: Wednesday 2-27-08 10:10:34 PM
Hi Chris:

The weight limit is an issue because I can't field a boat on a sustainable basis for the Real Fleet Bouy Racing Series. At my weight of 230+ it is almost impossible for me to locate crew at and below the mean average of 176#s.

In this case the 880# limit actually discriminates against me, everyone my size, and severely reduces the probablility of locating a sustainable crew within its current 'fine grained' framework.

Subsequently, I concentrate on the Fun Series, where I'm not happy about leaving so many of my long time friends and crew, and core crew, on the dock for what's suppose to be a Fun Series event. This LightShip event or any other Fun Series event.

And Damn it . . . its my boat and I will sail my boat with whom I want when I want!

Yes, for the LightShip I did locate two 130 and 140 pound women, but they are rare, hard to find and harder to find with skills for an open ocean race.

Finally, if you're not intersted in sailing in the Fun Series, you should have absolutley no problem with my advocating a weight increase for that series only. Believe me it will make it a lot more Fun.

However, the probability of you're meeting the 880# crew weight limit does; insteaqd of being below, does in fact improve, tremendously, as soon as the class can raise the mean average to a mean average that makes sense; 196 to 206#.

Afterwhich, you will have so many more real and existing crew choices, just like so many other skippers have today and cannot utilize, becuase you'll finally have access to a segment where there are simply a lot more skilled people from which to chose.

Frankly stated, there are a lot more skilled and compotent people above 176#s then below it. And those numbers exponentially increase as soon as you get to the high side of 200#s.

So the answer is . . . you're ability to get crew even at the 880 limit . . . will be easier too becuase there are more people.

Regards, MIke


:: Mike,

:: My crew for spring keel is 75 lbs under weight and no
:: one on the boat weighs more 180 Lbs. total. I really do
:: not see why this is and issue at all!
:: :: Hi Everyone:
:: ::
:: :: I'll be sailing in the heavy person friendly M24 fleet @
:: :: Spring Keel this weekend.
:: ::
:: :: There after attending the e27 5pm function. Looking
:: :: forward to conferring with others on the benefits of
:: :: increasing the weight limit in Fun Series only.
:: ::
:: :: Desperado is at weight for LS. However, leaving a half
:: :: dozen people on the dock because they don't qualify
:: :: given the current weight filters 176# mean average, for
:: :: Fun Series, well, seems quite frankly; ridiculous.
:: ::
:: :: MB

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