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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: Long Distance Series Proposal
Info: (14272 views) Posted: Tuesday 7-3-07 08:41:40 PM
Hello Again:

I know; bitch, bitch, bitch:-) once again.

This time I'm writing about re-evaluating the current Long Distance - Fun Series; which somehow after a serious proposal for a REAL LONG DISTANCE SERIES last year; for 2007, somehow morphed into a subset of what the round the bouys racer's do anyway, plus a few camp out races for owners with kids.

First addressing the fun series. My vote is to eliminate it from the Long Distance Trophy. For those skippers who want a second chance at winning a full model trophy, if you don't win the fleet series, please try again next year!

I propose the Fun Series simply be fleet designated races seperate and distinct from the Long Distance Championship Trophy. And please start seperate perpetual trophies for these other FUN & individual regattas. In fact, do what owners did years ago, cast a Silver Trophy, or similar, for the perpetual race of your preference and promote it as a one off perpetual FUN RACE.

So, please do Huntington; seperately from the LD Trophy Series. Its a great camp out and especially for family boats. I myself, would go on a Moore 24, in a 30 boat fleet, on some other owners card. Now for the Long Distance Series Proposal. First Proposal; Desperado and Lorax have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the E27 can easily take the MORA series overall. It would be more fun with more Expresses.

Now for my 1st 'MORA Proposal'. My first suggestion is to make MORA our long distance series. That's a simple venue. And think about it, the E27 fleet revives, if not saves MORA, and subsequently extracts its fair share of value from OYRA. Talk about 2 + 2 = 10. Get a seat on OYRA and make it 2 + 2 = 20. In other words, I think we can get more than our fair share of value, if we VOTE MORA as our Fleets Long Distance Series. And, regardless of extracting our fair share out of OYRA with a serious contingent. But it is a possibility!

Now for the second proposal. This is roughly last years proprosal representing A REAL LONG DISTANCE SERIES:.

3 Bridge Spring Crewed Lightship Vallejo Race (social afterwards) Monterey Spinnaker Run (social afterwards) Ditch Run (social afterwards) Drakes Bay (social afterwards) Coastal Cup (social afterwards) Midnight Moonlight Silver Eagle Half Moon Bay (social afterwards) Summer Keel (social afterwards) Windjammers (social afterwards)

To cut this down, I would eliminate 3 Bridge, Crewed Lighship, Midnight Moonlight, Silver Eagle and send the Ditch Run to the Fun series in favor of the Drakes Bay Race raft up. So the fun strategy here, within the Long Distance Series, is the race must have a social function following as a prerequisite for consideration.

To keep some of the non social afterwards races, I'd only turn over 3 Bridge and Ditch Run to the FUN series . . . keeping the true long diatance races . . . which is what the series is suppose to be all about.

Please consider championing and voting one of these two options as the 2008 REAL LONG DISTANCE SEIRES. That is MORA, or, some combination of the REAL LONG DISTANCE RACES.

Mike Bruzzone

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