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Author: sarah
Subject: Weight Limit
Info: (8026 views) Posted: Monday 7-2-07 10:41:23 PM
Sure, no weight limit, but anyone sailing light allowed to pump water equivalent to the heaviest crew + 100 pounds from side to side perched on the rail at the fattest part of the boat.

:: The weight limit is screwed up and always has been since
:: improsed. I suggest it be dropped.
:: It makes it tough to find a steady crew. And, as far as
:: I could see, only is enforced at the NA regionals.
:: The weight limit, which was originally open, was always
:: fine by me. That means no matter who jumped int he class
:: at a higher weight tuned to a specific regatta
:: condition.

:: #1050 to 1100#s is an the ideal total crew weight all
:: around (upwind + downwind) weight. Some tried 1200#s
:: when the fleet still did triangles (which I happento
:: like) and did well when it blew. However, 1200#s is
:: markedly slow on the downwind run of windward leeward
:: courses.
:: After the open weight limit, the 1000# was imposed. Then
:: dropped to #880; the same as a J24 go figure.
:: Politically, this weight was pushed on the class by
:: Steve Lake, Ralph Morgan, and others who or are members
:: of the Pinneaple Sails Coalition.
:: Members of this ancient (1988) voting block no longer
:: have boats, or sail at all.
:: I suggest the weight limit be reexamined. I personally
:: would vote for its elimination entirely.
:: Mike Bruzzone

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