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Author: Mike Bruzzone ( contact the author
Subject: Weight Limit
Info: (14339 views) Posted: Wednesday 6-27-07 03:40:14 PM
The weight limit is screwed up and always has been since improsed. I suggest it be dropped.

It makes it tough to find a steady crew. And, as far as I could see, only is enforced at the NA regionals.

The weight limit, which was originally open, was always fine by me. That means no matter who jumped int he class at a higher weight tuned to a specific regatta condition. #1050 to 1100#s is an the ideal total crew weight all around (upwind + downwind) weight. Some tried 1200#s when the fleet still did triangles (which I happento like) and did well when it blew. However, 1200#s is markedly slow on the downwind run of windward leeward courses.

After the open weight limit, the 1000# was imposed. Then dropped to #880; the same as a J24 go figure.

Politically, this weight was pushed on the class by Steve Lake, Ralph Morgan, and others who or are members of the Pinneaple Sails Coalition.

Members of this ancient (1988) voting block no longer have boats, or sail at all.

I suggest the weight limit be reexamined. I personally would vote for its elimination entirely.

Mike Bruzzone

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