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Author: Arjun
Subject: Trailer
Info: (412 views) Posted: Monday 1-31-22 10:42:47 PM
Hi : I know the owner of the business which did the painting, so I got the friends and relatives rate. From what I can tell the total cost of sandblasting and painting would be in the range of $3000 to $ 3,500. The rust on my trailer looked much worse than the actual condition of the trailer. After the sandblasting was done, it turned out that the metal on the trailer was in pretty good shape. The fenders had holes in them, also one of the hull support pipes was jammed inside the cylinder in which it rests, due to rust. The cylinder had to be cut open to free the jammed hull support pipe. One other thing to be aware of, you have to put the primer on as soon as the sandblasting is done, as otherwise the bare metal starts taking on rust almost overnight. Also if you are buying new nuts & bolts for the trailer, buy galvanized nuts & bolts.

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